There are a total of fifty achievements that can be earned when you download the mod. These achievements can be earned at anytime throughout the game.


They are:

What do your elf eyes see -Meet an Elf

Dwarves?! -Meet a Dwarf

See a shadow -Meet a Drow

Stare at Death -Meet a Demon

Watery eyes -Meet a Merfolk

I found my race! -Meet a Human

Sleepy, sleepy dwarf -Kill a dwarf

Sleepy, sleepy Elf -Kill a Elf

Sleepy, sleepy Human -Kill a Human

Sleepy, sleepy Demon -Kill a Demon

Sleepy, sleepy Drow -Kill a Drow

Sleepy, sleepy Merfolk -Kill a Merfolk

Welcome to Hell -Find a Drow/Demon/Merfolk 100 City

A safe Haven -Find a Elf/Human/Dwarf 100 City

True Evil -Go to 0 on the alignment table

True Good -Go to 100 on the alignment table

Unjust Assassin -Kill a Good King

Just Assassin -Kill a Evil King

I HAZ LAZER BEAMZ -Learn all spells

Oh. No. Come back!!! -Have your obsidian tower disappear and be attacked by a hostile mob within 10 Seconds

Soldier-Kill 10 NPCs

Knight-Kill 100 NPCs

Swordsman-Kill 500 NPCs

High Knight-Kill 1000 NPCs

Master Swordsman- Kill 5000 NPCs

Magic!-Cast 1 spell

Getting better!-Cast 50 spells

Mage apprentice- Cast 150 spells

Skilled Mage- Cast 300 spells

Master Mage- Cast 1000 spells. Must include all spells

One with the divine energy-Cast 5000 spells

Battlemage- Cast a spell and do melee damage within 1 second of each other

Sadz Face- Get chased out of a settlement

AHHH FIRE!!!-Burn down an elvish building

Short. And ANGRY!!- Flood a Dwarven mine with water

Tall. AND EVEN ANGRIER!!!!-Flood a Dwarven mine with lava

NOOOOO!!-Cast Incorporeal and get stuck in a block and die

Weeee!-Cast fly and go up as high as you can. Then fall into water

Weeee! SPLAT!-Cast fly and go up as high as you can. Then fall and die

...ooops- Cast fire scourge and light a forest on fire

Were art thou my king- Save a king from attackers

How the mighty have fallen- Kill a king

Immortal- go on a 100 person killing spree without dying

Weak-Get killed by a farmer

Ohhhhhh Yahhhh- Become King Or leader of a guild

God damn it- Die with in 5 seconds of spawning

Addicted to the best thing ever- Play the mod for 10 or more hours

A being of many faces- Meet a NPC of every race

Harbringer of light- Kill 50 Demons

Drow bane- Totally wipe out a Drow Town of City